Eid-ul-Azha being celebrated today

Islamabad:  Eid-ul-Azha is being celebrated today (Wednesday) in commemoration of the supreme sacrifice offered by Hazrat Ibrahim and his son Hazrat Ismail in the fulfilment of the divine order, say media reports.

Special Eid prayers were offered for the prosperity of the country and unity among the Muslim Ummah.

The main Eid congregation in Lahore was held at the Badshahi Mosque. Eid congregations were also be held in cities, towns, and villages across the country.

The Afghan refugees offered Eid prayers at five open places in Peshawar city and especially prayed for the safety and security of Pakistan.

Eid prayers were also offered in Abbottabad, Mardan, Bannu and other districts of the KP besides Mohmand Agency, Khyber Agency and other tribal areas. Sacrificial animals were slaughtered in observance of the Sunnah of Hazrat Ibrahim (AS).

Meanwhile, parts of the Northern Areas, Afghan refugees in tribal areas and several districts of the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP), including parts of the provincial capital Peshawar, observed Eid on Tuesday.

The people in Mohmand Agency observed Eid a day earlier as a symbol of Muslim unity as Saudi Arabia also observed Eid on Tuesday.

Local clerics from the Deobandi school of thought observed Eid with Saudi Arabia after the Taliban in 2008 urged locals to unite in religious matters. However, clerics belonging to the Barelvi school of thought decided to observe Eid with the rest of Pakistan.

Meanwhile, millions of Muslims in Saudi Arabia, Europe and the US celebrated Eid-ul-Azha on Tuesday. Over 1,500 Eid prayers congregations were held in Britain. The faithful also sacrificed animals after the Eid prayers.

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Published: 1498 days ago

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