Response to Bilawal Bhutto Zardari

PT Central Information Secretary’s Press Statement: 18th October 2013


Islamabad: “Bilawal B Zardari a spoilt brat who calls himself a “leader” only because of his mother and Nana, and who hides in rooms from where he records his speeches, had the gall to call Imran Khan “buzdil”. Imran Khan a leader of the people who, uinlike the Zardaris, neither hides behind closed doors, nor bullet proof screens, to address the public but goes right into the crowds, is a brave and fearless leader who has built his leadership by working for the people of Pakistan – not inheriting a position by virtue of birth.
Bilawal also needs to wake up from his stupor to understand that the PTI Tsunami is already here to wipe out the corruption of his father and the PPP.
If the PPP was, under Zardari, a brave party its leaders would go to the people not hide behind screens and walls of safe rooms. The PPP is so deficit in leadership that it has to keep relying on the martyrdom of ZAB and BB to gain attention of the people. Politics of the shroud is still all Zardari and his brood have to offer to the people even though they are in no way the PPP that was created by the founder ZAB or even of Shaheed BB.”


Central Media Cell

Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf

Bilawal Zardari must first accept 7 months old challenge by PTI Faisal Javed Khan



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